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Child Support
New York Matrimonial & Family Law Attorneys

The representation of the Law Firm of Berke & Berke includes assisting individuals in high-asset child support cases. The firm has the capacity to address complex child support concerns, assist non-custodial parents served with child support petitions and various other child support issues. Many parents are worried about paying too much in child support; Berke & Berke can protect your rights and ensure your children's needs are met.

Berke & Berke can guide you through the state of New York's Child Support and Child Standards Act, and let you know how it applies to your situation. Some of the key elements that are considered in New York's child support formula include:

• Income of both parents
• Education, private schooling or college expenses
• Day care expenses
• Health insurance costs

Because life changes all the time, you may find that a child support figure that was previously agreed to may need to be changed at a later date. Changes in either party’s financial condition could affect the ability to make child support payments on the part of the non-custodial parent, or the amount needed by the custodial parent. Berke & Berke can assist you in creating and modifying child support payments. Their goal is to make certain your children are financially well taken care of to ensure their quality of life and it is their duty to keep an exterior view of this emotionally charged area and attempt to work out what is in the best interests of the children with your cooperation.