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Prenuptial Agreements

New York Matrimonial & Family Law Attorneys

Prenuptial Agreements, better known as “Prenups,” are not just simply for protecting the assets of wealthy individuals. Rather, prenuptial agreements have far more uses and benefits and can help ensure peace of mind when it comes to your marriage and your future.

The contents of the agreement can vary widely depending on people's desires, but commonly the agreement includes provisions for division of property and spousal support in the event of divorce. In your agreement you can: protect your separate property, support your estate plan, define what property is marital property and separate property, reduce conflicts and save money if you divorce, clarify special agreements, and establish procedures and ground rules for deciding future matters.

In negotiating and drafting prenuptial agreements, the Law Firm of Berke & Berke can bring the same sophistication and attention to detail that they bring to their other practice areas of law. Since they understand that such agreements are intended to enhance relationships, not disrupt them, the Firm encourages open lines of communication and cooperative negotiation. The Firm’s goal, as always, is to protect their clients’ best interests, striving to conclude agreements wisely, expeditiously and with as little tension as possible.

The Law Firm of Berke & Berke has experience in drafting and negotiating prenuptial agreements containing many clauses and covering many issues, including:

• Appreciation of asset issues 
• Business assets
• Fidelity clauses 
• Length of time issues 
• Premarital property issues 
• Premarital or post-marital inheritance issues 
• Pensions 
• Real estate issues (including existing homes, vacation homes, or investment property)
• Waiver of alimony clausesType your paragraph here.